Topic: Why It’s Important to Care for Creation

Topic: Why It’s Important to Care for Creation?

The following is from contest winner Girl Scout Cadette Ella W. 

Creation is a strange concept if we think about it. For instance, Merriam-Webster tells us that creation is, “The act of bringing the world into ordered existence.” This definition does describe creation, but it just skims the surface. Creation is not only an action that occurred millions upon millions of years ago but is also around us. Creation is a humid rain forest and a sandy desert. It is a graceful dove but also a grimy rat.

Though some pieces of creation may be less appreciated than others, they all have a purpose, and all work together to make for a beautiful world that we have the opportunity to live in. Creation is a gift from God that he provides us with. We use this gift to make necessary items and perform necessary functions. Creation is not only a gift but also a responsibility. We have the opportunity to take care of this gift and if we don’t, we could let that gift slip away.

Without creation, the world would be gray and bland. The food sources would be scarce to none and we wouldn’t be able to breathe or use luxuries like cars or air conditioning. Creation is a wonderful gift that we have been blessed with and that we must care for at all costs. Though creation might be a sort of mystery, we do know that we could not live without it.

It is important that we care for what God has provided us with and preserve what we still have. The people who currently have the power to deal with this crisis, won’t. The issue at hand is not their problem right now but in fifty years, if nothing changes, this will be an issue. It is our generation’s responsibility to deal with these problems and make sure that we can preserve our earth for generations to come.


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