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Season of Creation 2021

The Season of Creation begins on September 1 to October 4, the Feast of St Francis of Assisi. Pope Francis encourages us to participate in the worldwide celebration of prayer and action to protect our common home.

Voices that Challenge

Liz Chicaje Churay

A Leader Among the Bora
Liz Chicaje Churay, 38, is a leader of the Indigenous Bora community of Loreto, Peru, president of an agricultural cooperative, and former president of the Federation of Indigenous Communities of the Ampiyacu River. She first became an activist in her community at the age of 16, when she started to attend meetings about defending ancestral Bora territory from illegal logging and other incursions. That same year, she became a mother for the first time. During the campaign to protect the Yaguas, she often carried her young daughter with her, while spending long periods apart from the rest of her family as she traveled throughout the region.   

In January of 2018, as a result of the efforts of Liz Chicaje Churay and her partners, the Peruvian government created Yaguas National Park. Comparable in size to Yellowstone National Park, the new park protects more than two million acres of Amazon rainforest in the northeastern region of Loreto. Its creation is a key step in conserving the country’s biodiversity—safeguarding thousands of rare and unique wildlife species and conserving carbon-rich peatlands—and protecting Indigenous peoples.



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Very Latest

COP 26

At an international conference in Madrid in December 2019, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, “The point of no return is no longer over the horizon. It is in sight and hurtling toward us.” Events in every part of the world are testifying to that fact with droughts, floods, wildfires, and

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  • Climate Change Widespread, Rapid, and Intensifying

    It is impossible to turn on the news or read a newspaper these days without being confronted with catastrophic natural disasters (wildfires, droughts, floods, etc.) throughout the world. The world’s top scientists are telling us that climate change is not something that will happen in the future. It is here

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  • Care for Our Common Home

    May 19, 2021 In February I wrote a blog about the book co-authored by the World Parliament of Religions and the United Nations Environment Programme entitled Faith for Earth: A Call for Action. The authors intent for the book was to raise an awareness of the importance of a moral

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Caps to Benches Project

"Every cap or lid that goes into a bench does not go into the landfill. A win-win for us all!”

EarthConnection now has two lovely benches made of recycled plastic caps and lids at the building’s front entrance as well as a large picnic table. Caps continue to arrive daily from across the country. S. Winnie Brubach and service-learning students from Mount St. Joseph University (MSJU) sorted, cleaned, weighed, and prepared the caps for transport. S. Winnie and Administrative Assistant Sue DiTullio drove to Evansville, Indiana to pick up the new bench (185 pounds) and table (550 pounds).