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EarthConnection, a ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, is a center for learning and reflection about living lightly on Earth. Aware of the interconnectedness of all of Creation, we seek to integrate spirituality and sustainability through programs in sustainable agriculture, alternative energies, eco-justice, and eco-spirituality. EarthConnection can offer programs on our site or yours on a variety of Earth-related topics.

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Nyuntu Ninti

A change in lifestyle requires a change in consciousness; a change in the way we view and relate to the world around us. The title of this blog, Nyuntu Ninti, is an aboriginal term meaning “what you should know”. The Anangu people of Uluru, Australia, have existed for about 40,000 years. Prior to the arrival of the Europeans in 1788, two hundred thousand  aboriginal people lived in harmony with each other and the land.

“We desperately need to see ourselves as members
of the whole Earth Community.”
-Paula González, SC

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May we hear their Voice!

Paula González, SC entered the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati in 1954. She earned her Ph.D. in biology at the Catholic University in Washington, DC, and was a biology professor at the College of Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati, Ohio, for 21 years. Sister Paula has worked for more than three decades to promote sustainable living. She has developed audiotape courses in Earth-healing; has written several articles and book chapters on eco-spirituality, conservation, renewable energy, and spiritual ecology; and has given over 1800 presentations.