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Beth Neale

A freediving champion, Beth Neale filmed the sardine run in South Africa in 2020. Taking place between May and July, this migration of billions of sardines is one of nature’s greatest shows and proof that sometimes the best thing we can do is bear witness to the majesty of the natural world — and in this case, share that wonder with others.

Overfishing not only impacts sardine stocks, it also affects larger fish like sharks that prey on them. Less than 8% of the world’s marine areas are protected, and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature is calling for an increase to 30% by 2030.

“Seeing the beauty of the underwater world, people start to understand how connected everything is,” Neale says. “When you see something so beautiful, you’re going to want to do more to protect it.”

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Caps to Benches Project

"Every cap or lid that goes into a bench does not go into the landfill. A win-win for us all!”

EarthConnection now has two lovely benches made of recycled plastic caps and lids at the building’s front entrance as well as a large picnic table. Caps continue to arrive daily from across the country. S. Winnie Brubach and service-learning students from Mount St. Joseph University (MSJU) sorted, cleaned, weighed, and prepared the caps for transport. S. Winnie and Administrative Assistant Sue DiTullio drove to Evansville, Indiana to pick up the new bench (185 pounds) and table (550 pounds).