EC Facilities Coordinator

S. Winnie is the facilities coordinator for EarthConnection.

“I take care of the building and grounds and provide a variety of tours,” she said. “Most of our visitors are from the College and Cincinnati State Technical and Community College. The students are very interested in the building itself, which features solar heating, solar electricity, natural lighting, super-insulated walls and windows, floor tiles made of waste glass, a wall made of aluminum cans, and carpeting constructed from recycled plastic bottles.”

S. Winnie explains, “EarthConnection was built in 1991 to address the adverse ecological effects of our consumer society. S. Paula Gonzalez, SC, Ph.D., a biologist, nationally recognized lecturer, author and retreat leader, founded it. The facility was made possible by many groups of volunteers who converted an oversized four-car garage into a 3,900-square-foot meeting and office space building.”