• The Realities of Climate Change

    One of the recent webinars EarthConnection hosted was entitled “The Realities of Climate Change (and how to respond to climate change deniers)”. Because this topic is so important and not everyone had the opportunity to view the webinar, I am going to use this blog to present some of the

  • The Latest

    The upcoming webinar dates and topics and the latest news about EC.

  • Topic: Why It’s Important to Care for Creation

    Creation is a strange concept if we think about it. For instance, Merriam-Webster tells us that creation is, “The act of bringing the world into ordered existence.”

  • Earth Day Celebrates 50 Years

    The publication of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson in 1962 brought into the open the true cost of the Industrial Revolution on Planet Earth. The book sold more than 500,000 copies in 24 countries and raised public awareness internationally of the interconnectedness between pollution and the health of animals, plants

  • Angel of the Amazon

    We are all called to care for God’s creation. For some of us it might involve a minor inconvenience such as learning to recycle or to remember to carry our reusable bags to the store. For others it involves the ultimate sacrifice – one’s own life. This year we are

  • Around the Landscape

    In recent years the landscaping around the front of EarthConnection (EC) has consisted of those native wild flower plants we planted, e.g., Purple Cone Flower, Black-eyed Susan, Daylilies, Bee Balm, and Wild Bergamot. Then there are the ones who planted themselves, for example, New England Aster, Common Milkweed, Common Yarrow,

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