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P&G: “Stop Flushing Our Forest” Campaign Kickoff Meeting!

The Canadian Boreal is the largest intact forest remaining on Earth, but this forest is under constant threat from industry.  Every minute 7 NHL hockey rinks are clear cut for pulp. This intensive logging destroys landscapes that have sustained indigenous communities for generations and contributes to loss of habitat for many of our North American birds and species including caribou and the Canada lynx. The Boreal forest also plays a critical role in protecting our climate from carbon emissions. The entire Boreal contains over 300 billion tons of carbon, which is 12% percent of our terrestrial (land-based) carbon. Where are our planet’s forests disappearing to?…. The U.S. tissue Market. Our ancient intact forests must not be sacrificed for throwaway tissue products like toilet paper and paper towels.

The good news is we can stop our trees from being flushed and protect the boreal forest now and for the future by helping Procter & Gamble shift away from virgin forest fiber and toward more sustainable alternatives like recycled content.  We can save the Boreal, and toilet paper that doesn’t threaten the health of our ecosystems and planet is an essential part of that process. We know P&G can be a leader in sustainability and believe that they will do the right thing and transition towards more renewable fiber for their toilet paper.

Procter and Gamble (owner of the country’s most popular toilet paper brand) purchases more pulp from the Canadian boreal than any other U.S. Company and uses 100% virgin forest fibers in their brands like Charmin Ultra Soft. Because P&G is the largest player in the industry, their commitment to stop clearcutting the boreal forest could spark for the entire industry.

Join other concerned residents and local organizations Wednesday, September 18th for a fun event to learn more about the campaign, help us strategize how to win, and take action! You can RSVP here, and bring a friend!

To learn more about how you can get involved before the meeting, please contact Gwen Nahsnen by phone at (845)-901-8337 or by email at

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