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The final segment of the series on “Sinking Cities” was shown at EarthConnection (EC) recently. The series had profiled four cities already experiencing the effects of climate change (London, Tokyo, New York, and Miami). Each segment showed what the city profiled was experiencing and the innovative methods they were employing to address the dangers and mitigate the damages. However, the scientists and engineers who spoke also indicated that the potential negative effects of climate change that they are currently addressing may become much worse in the future.

Girl Scouts from St. Martin of Tours visited EC to earn their EC patch as well as their badge for Outdoor Art. Their program began with a PowerPoint presentation on and tour of EC. To obtain the badge the girls had to do a variety of activities including: collect an assortment of found objects in nature and create medallions using the objects to make impressions in clay; learn about musical instruments made from natural objects and play a variety of African musical instruments; create an imaginary animal to illustrate how each of its parts was adapted to their “imaginary” environment and create a nature mural using a watercolor resist method. This troop has also scheduled return visits to earn their Gardening and Flower badges.

Twenty students, ages 4-17, came to EC for an experience of environmental sustainability during their annual summer camp. The students came from throughout the United States and were all members of the Zoroastrian faith. They viewed the video and did a tour of EC and learned about alternative energies and recycling, toured the garden, played environmental bingo and also created a nature mural using a watercolor resist technique.

From the EC Garden
Life is blooming at EarthConnection! The garden has been producing wonderful vegetables for the Good Samaritan Free Health Center in Price Hill. On July 10, S. Annie Klapheke joined us in the garden. It was wonderful having her there both because we were short one gardener and because she was able to tell us how they use our vegetables. She also expressed gratitude for our service to the people at the Free Health Center.

Things are changing in the landscape as well. Half of the Meditation Garden has been sowed in grass. The programs with the Girl Scouts needed more space to do outside activities. This was the easiest way to do it. The young grass plants are growing well, even in the heat! The trick is to keep it watered, a lot. There are changes on the north side of the building as well. We have begun to mow parts of it in preparation for reseeding with native prairie plants in the fall. We’ve left parts of the natural growth standing so the insects, birds and other creatures who call it home will have food and shelter. We have a nice stand of common milkweed in the front and another beginning stand of swamp milkweed in the back. Hopefully, we will also have Monarch butterfly eggs hatching. Stay tuned!


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