Presenter: Imogene Drummond, international artist, and filmmaker (New York)

In these presentations, Imogene Drummond will share how her growing awareness of our integral connection with the Universe influenced the development of her art in diverse media, including film, video installation, and an educational program that combines Self-worth, Creativity, and the Cosmos.

Imogene Drummond, M.F.A., M.S.W., A.C.S.W., is an internationally collected painter, award-winning filmmaker, artist/educator, and former psychotherapist. Her experience, talent, and vision converge in Art Sparks. Her article “Options for the Future”; is the closing piece in the thought-provoking anthology The Rule of Mars (KIT, 2006) which was endorsed by Pulitzer Prize-winning scientist and author Jared Diamond. Due to her painting expeditions around the world, Drummond was invited to join the Society of Woman Geographers whose membership includes explorers of ideas as well as geography, among them Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, and Jane Goodall.