Caps to Benches

Caps to Benches

Working with the Girl Scout troops that visit EarthConnection, we are excited to announce our Bottle Caps to Benches project. Our goal with working with the Girl Scouts is to encourage them to become better stewards of our environment. We hope to show them that recycling can make a difference. Our plan is to collect bottle caps and lids to recycle into a bench or benches to be placed at EarthConnection. The troops will be responsible to assist in collecting, washing and weighing the bottle caps/lids.

We will be working with Green Tree Plastics. They are out of Evansville, Indiana; and they started an AMAZING program called ABC Promise Partnership which allows kids’ to recycle plastic bottle caps and lids into benches. It’s an exciting teaching tool wherein plastic bottle caps are transformed into benches that will last a lifetime. The true value comes from the profound experience that children can make a difference! They can see, sit on, and donate to their community the very results of their work. This is the most-perfect-real-life example of SUSTAINABILITY and it happens quite naturally as the kids can’t wait to share the story of their bench. The troops will be rewarded if they can collect 50lbs or more of caps and lids with their troop name place on the bench plus they will be able to use the bench(es) when they visit EC to work on their environmental badges.

“Every cap or lid that goes into a bench does not go into the landfill. A win-win for us all!”

EarthConnection and several Girl Scout troops have accepted this recycling challenge and in return we challenge all of you to GET INVOLVED. We want your caps or lids!

To see the list of acceptable items please click here

You can drop off items at EarthConnection. If you have any questions please contact us at 451-3932 or


  1. Marilyn says

    I have been collecting pop and water bottle caps for over a year. I have a 30 gallon bag full. Is this something I can send you to help with the benches?

    • Admin says

      Hi Marilyn, we are in Cincinnati, OH. Not sure where you are located but if you are able to get them to us we will use them for our bench project.

      370 Neeb Road
      Cincinnati, OH 45233

  2. Marie says

    Still collecting plastic caps? May I send them to the Neeb Rd address?

    • Admin says

      Yes, you can. Thank you!

  3. Michelle says

    I have some bottle caps. I live very close. Can I just drop them off to you?

    • Admin says

      Yes, you can. Thank you.

  4. Crystal says

    I have collected a 5 gallon pail. Is there still a drop off near Green Bay or Appleton. Wisconsin to drop off?

    • Admin says

      You can contact Greentree Plastics. They make the benches and table from caps. They can tell you if an organization is collecting near you. 
      (812) 461-1367

      Greentree Plastics –

      Good luck,

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