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  • From the Global to the Local:  Take Action Now

    From the Global to the Local: Take Action Now

    Now more than ever those who can read the signs of the times and accept the science of climate change must move from passivity to activity. Although climate change is certainly a global issue, actions must begin at the local level, in our own backyards. Mayors are in the forefront of sustainability issues and a […]Read More »
  • Climate Justice

    Climate Justice

    The quote above summarizes so clearly the world we are called to see today. I remember once reading that we can live in a house of mirrors where everything we believe is reflected back to us or a house of windows where reality changes moment by moment. To deny climate change is to choose to […]Read More »

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Drum Circle

Drum Circle

2017-3-11 3:00pm

Come and enjoy timeless rhythms of self-expression from the core of your being – no experience or f...

Gardening with Native Plants

Gardening with Native Plants

2017-3-11 10:00am

Whether you want to create a bird and butterfly garden, add reliable blooms to a “problem area”, install a rain garden, replace aggressive or invasiv...



2017-3-16 7:00pm

An award-winning documentary film, The Economics of Happiness, spells out the social, spiritual, and ecological cos...

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Sr. Winnie Brubach, SC, and volunteers grow between 700-1,000 pounds of organic vegetables each summer and donate them to local charities.

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